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20 days straight of blogging

Day 20 of blogging everyday !

(Pst! How cute is the gold Christmas tree 🍩)

I have to be honest, I feel like I’m completely blanking tonight. Even though I have a notebook filled to the brim with ideas my mind feels a bit like mush ! I even pre wrote a blog post this morning at the cutest cafe. I even got an early start to the day!

It’s really been such a calm day, mostly dedicated to grabbing some coffee and finishing up Christmas shopping. I also picked up a few little things with Vince (my boyfriend) for my place including a salt rock night light, some bins for a buck a piece, and a mini indoor fountain (both under $10!). I think my house aesthetic is spa like and today it was too effective... maybe it was the fountain!

( I plan to Marie Kondo my art supplies )

I have to say, I am super happy with all the things I’ve collected to make my house feel more homey and welcoming. Despite living in a shared house I do feel very at home ... also despite wanting to move to a different area of Toronto. Everything will happen in time. Things are feeling pretty good and I’m looking forward to going home to Vancouver in less than a week too! I gotta get packing !

Thanks for Reading :)

better stuff coming soon!

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