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Blogging everyday follow up

This is day 12 of blogging EVERY day and surprisingly I’m on a roll. Not every post is perfection but I got an idea out of my head and put it into the universe which is a huge step. So often we come up with great ideas but then we never act on it... That being said, blogging everyday has forced me to try to come up with posts that I think will be interesting to read, but also to plan for future posts I could do that take more than a day to plan. Another thing blogging everyday has done for me is made me think about what I want my blog to be about and I think the easiest and most real thing for me to blog about is just my life and experience. When I started this blog I didn‘t want to classify this blog as a lifestyle blog, but I think it just feels right. I want to share fun content but I also want to share fun bits and bobs about my life. I love art, design, makeup, cooking, eating out ... you name it, I’m probably excited about it. So I guess the lifestyle blog is really a perfect title. It really gives me freedom to post about anything.

Some future blogs I want to share with you include

3 ingredient cookies with a bonus holiday twist

Advice for new bloggers from more established bloggers

How to make your holiday cards pop with a hand drawn wreath

I can’t wait to share these posts with you !! (Maybe I’ll have to post twice in a day!)

see you tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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