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Christmas Traditions and new ones you might like to try

What I look forward to most around Christmas time are all the traditions. There are some that most of us share, like Christmas dinner, putting up a tree or lights and opening presents. However, when you get to know someone and you learn about their traditions you might discover some strange ones. for example hiding a pickle ornament in the tree (my family does this) and whoever finds it gets a “pickle gift”. This isn’t something that we’ve done since I was a kid but rather one we picked up because we thought it was hilarious ! In spirit of this I’d like to share a bunch of Christmas traditions that might inspire you to do it as well:

1) open 1 present on Christmas eve

2) white elephant gift exchange (trade the whackiest gifts you can find)

learn more here:

3)cut down your own tree

4) have a cookie swap !

my best friend Jocelyn does this and you end up with a huge variety of Christmas baking without having to cook it all. You just make a large batch of something and sort them into bags !

5) funny Christmas cards

online I’ve seen some hilarious family post cards that go around, if you are looking for a light hearted tradition or a bit of fun this could be a good one for you !

6) Do a DIY secret Santa with you friends

my cousin does this with his girlfriends family. They choose a name out of a hat and are challenged to make something for that person !

7) KFC dinner

this is a weird one but I had to share ! For Christmas dinner in Japan many families order Kentucky Fried Chicken ! This became a tradition for many after 1974 ad campaign.

8) Gingerbread House decorating competition

Buy gingerbread houses and challenge you loved ones to make a better one than you. Up the ante by spending se extra money on decorations !

9) Christmas Fondu

instead Of Christmas dinner sit around the table with friends and family and enjoy classic fondu !

10) Christmas Eve book exchange

apparently in Iceland they celebrate on Christmas eve by exchanging books. Then you spend the night cozying up with a new book this tradition is called Jolabokaflod, or “The Christmas Book Flood“!

What traditions do you have in your family ?

thanks for reading!

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