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Fun things to do during social distancing quarantine - an expanding list !

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

With all this time at home here is a list of things you can do besides watching the news 12 hours a day for updates ! I will be adding to this list as NEW fun things to do appear !

1)Girls (or guys, or both) night on google hangouts ! Grab a beverage of your choice and some appys and stay connected ! We all need someone in times like this!

2)Virtual (or with the fam) board games night ! Download some fun games on your phone such as words with friends, uno, catan, and more. Then make a group phone call or video conference and let the games begin ! Another fun option for group chats is ZOOM, it works well and you can share a screen and Audio so you can play Jackbox TV from a far! ( they have a bunch on sale right now !)

3)Marie Kondo your house ! If you haven't already, check out her TV series on Netflix OR her book, maybe that will get you inspired to finally clean up your bedroom/house!

4)Download Libby - it's a great app that helps you to connect to your library to download FREE e-books and audio books! This is my go to ! All you need is a library card!

5)Start growing your seeds for spring! Now you won't have an excuse to miss watering them! Take some extra time to find fun tutorials on youtube if you are a newbie!

6)Pull out your DIY box and finally do that DIY thats been on your pinterest for the last few years ! It's now or never !

7)Do live dance classes!fitness classes have been cancelled and some people are offering their services free on live stream, one I happened to see was a company called Dance Church offering live sessions ! Shake out your blues !

8)Watch nostalgic movies, these gems are sure to bring some good feeling with them !

9)Online cooking classes (FREE), one of many chefs doing this is michelin star chef Massimo Bottura who goes live on instagram in a series dubbed kitchen quarantine @massimobuttura !

10)Quarantine Singalong

join a live sing along on Facebook or YouTube live !

11) Make home made bread !

you’ve got the time !

12) super smash brother tournaments against your family members

13) put on your own Home Hibachi bar for dinner with a breakfast griddle

14) bake something You find challenging like croissants, macaroons, or sufflés

15) watch Netflix with your besties from afar and chat about the show after

16) Dig in to some new reality TV shows

bachelor reruns anyone ?

17) workout in the backyard lit you have one

18) rearrange your furniture

19) learn chess or another game

challenge your loved ones to a game

20) make churros at home

21) try some meditation

(download an app!)

22) dye your hair - it’s now or never, am I right ?

23) Paint some pictures for your house

24) do your makeup for no reason

25) download tik tok

... unless you are trying to be productive

26) try cross stitching or embroidery

if you get good enough, do some cool patterns on your jeans

27) learn to sew!

maybe a cute eye mask, or something crazy like a prom dress

28) put on a romantic candle lit dinner

meed wine included !

29) watch vintage black and white movies !

30) make an ice cream sundae bar

31) practice sketching

32) pull out your camera and put on a photo shoot

33) macramé a bracelet, plant holder, or wall tapestry

34) paint an old pair of shoes

35) learn a new language on duo lingo

36) do some yard work to prepare for summer

37)refurbish old furniture or give it a new coat of paint

38) give yourself a mani pedi

home spa for the win, we all need a little self care these days

39) play a prank on a sibling

40) watch Harry potter from start to end

41) learn calligraphy! I recommend brush calligraphy! You can even do this with a basic crayola marker !

42) learn to make kombucha

43) pull out your adult colouring books

44) throw a kitchen dance party with the family

45) start a month long game on monopoly

46) learn to dance with dance tutorials

47) Play Nintendo’s newly released animal crossing new horizons

48)roasts marshmallows over a campfire

49) complete your spring cleaning!

50) paint your walls a new colour

51) propagate your house plants

52)try bleach tie dye

this is an expanding list ! Check back for more soon ! Feel free to comment what you are doing to keep yourself busy !

Take Care !!!

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