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Girls Trip to Montreal!

Recently, one of my BEST friends was offered an amazing job in Montreal which of course she accepted! Since then I’ve been trying to plan out how and when exactly I was going to get there.

Luckily for me I wasn’t the only person who missed her and we ended up going on a whim. To me those are the best type of trips... ones where you don’t have enough time to stress about things because you are already there !

We drove from Toronto to Montreal which took about 5 hours but the time flew by with the help of some throwback jams.

In the back of my mind I was worried that a weekend trip might be too short of a time to enjoy with my friends - after all we lost all of friday because we had work and then we had to drive. So that left us Saturday and just over half of Sunday, but spoiler alert it was SO worth it .

on Friday night we arrived at 11 and stayed up for hours catching up!

Saturday, we packed in a huge amount of activity but with little to zero stress, we slept in, cooked breakfast and then planned out day:

First, Old Montreal, with hopes of popping into a cafe called Tommy which is aplace I loved in my first trip and we wanted to show our friend Hilary

but unfortunately it was SO packed we couldn’t even get in the door so we went to the most insane ly beautiful cafe I had ever seen, called CREW collective cafe which is in the original building for the royal bank of Canada which was built in 1928! You walk in and you feel the age and also the opulence of an old bank! I had a Vanilla Latte and a poached pear and ricotta danish which were fantastic!

Then our plan was to do some shopping and popping around shops, not only do we like shopping but we are ALL product designers so we stopped in just about every store that caught our eye, even fancy places we couldn’t afford, just to check it out ! The shopping in Montreal is excellent, and they seem to have a higher appreciation for artisanal goods than some cities in Canada. Hilary went in with a goal to find a cute winter hat with a Pom Pom, which we found ! and then all proceeded to buy one because we loved them so much! (bonus: spot them in our pictures!)

By this time our feet were getting tired and we were craving dinner, during our shopping expedition we walked by a restaurant that was really busy and we decided that was a good sign and made a reservation. we went and a place called Marché de La Villette, where we purchased fondue for 3 and a bottle or red wine ! It was an Amazing experience! The fondue was So flavourful and the selection of charcuterie to dip was perfect. The service was also fantastic and the server had us laughing at funny jokes.

The last place we visited was a sensory experience in Montreal called HideSeek. It was branded as an adult playground but was more of a place for the perfect instagram photo ops, we went at around 7pm and it wasn’t too busy but by the time we were finishing there was a line up put the door. We went in with low expectations but were blown away, it was really neat! We also got a bunch of amazing photos and experiences to remember our trip! if you aren’t into photo taking this may not be the right adult play ground for you though, as it was catered to that. It cost $25 land we all thought it was super fun !

By the end of the day we were completely exhausted! and we decided to go to the pool and sauna in My friend Keisha’s Condo !

See part 2 for our next day !

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