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Holiday Excitement: how can we keep up that momentum year round ?

With the holidays fast approaching I can’t Help but get excited. I get to see my family and friends who I now live quite far away from.

Today I am less than a week from coming home and I am looking forward to getting ready for that. Surprisingly, I‘m not sure is wishing for time to move faster but I’m embracing that feeling of excitement !

I think that personally this is something that makes my days feel purposeful and exciting.

Here is a question though. How can we bring that excitement into the rest of the year?

I know that once Christmas is over many people lose that momentum and drive. I feel like if we lived with the same excitement for 12 months out of the year as opposed to the 1, that we would all find a little more happiness.

Here are some things I want to implement in the new year to drive that momentum:

1) Make way more time for friends and family

plan more get togethers, I think so much of the joy that we get from the holiday season is the time we spend with the ones we love

2) Plan something exciting for the future

plan a trip, or something big! It could be imaginary and just be a “one day” type of thing but it gives you something to look forward to and feel the same sort of excitement

3) Give more freely

why do we justify giving a million gifts during the Christm season but think twice about gifting things during the rest of the year. I think that a gift given for no reason is even more surprising and thoughtful, it wasn’t out of obligation or tradition.

4) Do something fun

the holidays are fun, and the rest of the year should be too. Bake some cookies and decorate them just for fun, decorate your apartment in a way that makes you happy, burn that Christmas candle year round if it makes you happy. the point is that the holiday season is full of activities, let’s do less napping on the sofa and more doing.

What keeps you inspired and excited for life ?

thanks for reading !

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