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How Friends can be the Secret to Unlocking your Productivity

Procrastination is something we are all affected by, give or take a few crazy people who are able to stay up all hours of the day pursuing their passion and grinding out life on a daily basis. Going into university and then later college I had plans to not only focus on school and stay organized but to start pursuing things outside of school, such as this blog, producing online designs and art for people's house, and finding a way to make money that didn't include a minimum wage job at Timmies or McDonalds. Sadly as soon as I moved out and started school I started stressing about money and applied for the same jobs I said I would never work at again. Luckily I was able to land a great job at my school, but looking back I realised that I was stuck in a daily grind before I even finished college. Complete Course Work. Work. Homework. over and over again this is what my life bagan to look like. I am extremely grateful I was able to get a job during my time at school but it taught me a valuable lesson of choosing to invest my time in things that matter.

Sometimes we are forced to take jobs that just help us get through the daily cost of living but it's important to keep sight of your goals and not put important dreams on the backburner. Time passes so quickly! One thing that has really helped in terms of motivation is telling other people what your dreams and goals are. I've heard over and over again that when you tell someone close to you your goals that you are WAY more likely to achieve them. When I put this to the test I still found it hard to achieve the goals I had told them about.

It took me months to realize that telling your friends about your goals isn't some instant solution or trick to achieving your goals. What they do provide are resources such as accountability, and and they open up new doors and networks that may help you achieve those goals, but what I found even more impactful was that telling people your goals brings up conversation about your friends goals as well. I told a few people I really wanted to start a blog and found out that was something that they were looking to do as well, or they wanted to update their business websites or online stores more frequently. I then realised that we could meet up and motivate each other to do these things and that we could help each other with our unique skill sets . When you run out of ideas or you wake up feeling like today just isn't your day, it's incredibly encouraging to have a group of friends who just motivate you to get going on the things you love... and you get to create exciting memories in the process and really get the chance to be a part of your friends journeys.

Free Printable/Download to motivate you to remember your goals ! Who gets you motivated to do what you love ??

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