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How to find great places to eat out - Anywhere!

As a big foodie, I like to make sure I’m going to a good place, but if you live in a larger city like Toronto Or Vancouver the options are truly endless and sometimes you just don’t know where to eat !

Here is how I find a good restaurant:

1.The place is bumping!

a busy place is always a good sign! if you aren’t someone who likes to do research before heading out this is a key thing to look for and it has never let me down! This is how we found a place to eat in Montreal!

2. Ask your friends

If you are looking for a new local place to try ask your friends and family to see if they’ve gone anywhere cool ! Chances are they have a favourite place that you’ve never tried. It’s also a great way to find hidden gems. My friend Ken introduced me to a Korean diner called yummy korean and it’s been a favourite ever since

3. Foursquared App When I’m really in a pickle, or an area I don’t know I always check my four squared app to find a new place - I filter it by rating but you can also add filters for price, distance, cusine type and more! I also love it for finding cute cafes. This has been an app that helps me make last minute decisions That end up being fantastic. It has yet to fail me! This is how I’ve found crew coffee collective, amano pasta, and a place called bang bang ice cream. I can not recommend this enough !

4. follow some Instagram food channels for your City and save posts you want to try for later!

this is perfect for date night or if you are looking for a unique night out !

5. Save Places as “want to go” on google maps

sometimes a good meal needs to be close by. If you save good place to go on your google maps you can pull it out and find a place that’s you’ve checked out in advance.

what is your best tip for finding a great place to eat ?

thanks for reading!

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