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How to Propagate succulents ! (Super Easy!)

Propagating succulents is literally the easiest thing to do! Now you can steal clippings from all your besties and collect a really wide range of them!

To propagate succulents you just pluck off a “leaf” and place it on some dry soil (I feel like the drier the better) or if you don’t have soil just place it on the soil of another potted plant. This is usually how I do it.

Eventually roots will form on the base of the leaf. This can some times take a LONG time, but if the soil is dryer you might see them sooner. These pieces below I stated propagating because they broke off on my way home from Montreal, which is exactly a month today (nov 10th - dec 10th)

Once your plant babies get some roots pot them in se slightly damp soil and that’s all you have to do, eventually you will get leaves that grow around it (6 months ish). Just be patient and your have a plethora of plants!

happy planting !

how many house plants do you have?

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