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How to survive a 4 hour per day commute

If you are a close friend of mine you

will know that my commute is a STRUGGLE and that I’m hoping to move downtown very soon. Typically a commute this large is purely situational. Maybe you live with your parents, or you‘re in school, or like me just finished school and are just trying to get a hold on life and your finances before you make a big move. Regardless, here’s how I make the most of my commute:

1) leave SUPER early

I know, I know, you already wake up super early, BUT if you leave even just a tiny bit earlier you miss a ton of the morning rush. I leave my house at 6 and arrive just after 8 but my job starts at 9-10 prime rush hour time, but if I leave at 6 my commute is usually super smooth.

2) Treat yourself to coffee or tea

If a $2 coffee or tea motivates you to get up and at em‘ it‘s a small price to pay. I sit for an hour before work and just hang out. ps. Did you know if you are a starbucks member you get free refills of coffee and tea when you stay in the store?

3) Use the extra time in the morning to do something you like

With such a long commute you lose time to do things you like in the evening, so I squeeze it in the morning instead. For me personally I usually doodle or jot down some ideas of things I’d like to pursue, but lately I’ve been committing this time to my blog. It’s nice to start your day feeling like you accomplished something.

4) predownload new content

Don’t be like me when I started commuting - using ALL your data within the first 10 days of your phone plan... twice. Download content on Netflix, Disney plus, free books or audio books on Libby (library app!), or new music. Keep your commute fresh and interesting.

5) Use the time to rest your mind or meditate

Commuting can really be a hustle but sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is just rest or meditate. Sometimes I wear headphones and either listen to a chill-step playlist (instrumental) or I turn it off completely but keep them on. By the time you get to your destination you feel a little more awake and ready for a coffee !

What are your survival hacks for big commutes ? Post below !

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