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I’ll do it tomorrow ... thoughts on procrastination vs.discipline

I am the queen of procrastination. I think it natural human condition that we all struggle with, but I feel like I’m worse than others because I know I can push the boundaries and still get it done. This was true with school, cleaning my room, chores, etc. Its never been a thing I’ve thought to change... but Ive noticed it in other areas of my life too, going to the gym, posting on this blog, even just choosing a healthy lunch. I’m realizing that the common denominator here isn’t that it’s hard to do but it’s purely just being disciplined! Something I obviously struggle with ! I was talking about it with my boyfriends step dad and he challenged me to meditate for 20 minutes for the next 14 days in a row. Today is only day 4 but I’m gonna do it (I’ll let you know how it goes). In addition to that I am going to post on my blog every day for the next 14 days in a row as well.

Maybe my 2020 resolution will be to do something everyday.

First let’s do 14 days though ! Thanks for reading !

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