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I’ve been using a sleep mask for over 2 years and I’ll probably never stop

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I think the first sleep mask I ever got was when I was a kid, I don’t remember really using it much and I thought it was a really dumb invention ... that is until I started college and my sleep pattern became super out of whack and I had to deal with roommates with different sleep schedules, lights on In common areas when I wanted to sleep, blinds that didn’t block out the sun etc. Now I’m not going to tell you that a sleep mask is magically going to cure all these problems, or your sleep apnea. I will say however that I completely underestimated how great a sleep mask could be.

Sleep masks can completely block out sun, your phone lighting up, or lights from common areas in the house. another think that I really think makes a sleep mask helpful is that when you block out your vision you are forced to close your eyes, or at very least you lose that sense, which in turn helps you to get to sleep. If you are looking to improve your sleep I seriously recommend trying a sleep mask ! The one shown above is my brand new one from and I cannot get over how great it is, but saje seems to be quality driven so I’m not surprised. They also have a great herbal sleep mask that’s infused with lavender that‘s about $12 (Canadian)!

bonus ! My sleep mask came with a sleep well oil/roller ball and a mist !

Do you sleep with a sleep mask ? What are your thoughts ? I’d love to hear !

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