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January / December Recap

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

So many things have happened over the course of December 2019 and January 2020 that I don't even know where to begin.

1) The winter holidays this year were extra special, I finally was finished with school and could truly enjoy the time I took off, and I was able to bring my boyfriend home to meet my family. Talk about a big step! But it finally happened and now my family and friends is BC know who he is !

2) 2020 - same me, just extra motivated !

I LOVE setting goals, so I am fully on board for new years resolutions. That being said here are my new year goals that I wrote just before 2020:

A) Find a studio apartment in downtown Toronto

I currently am living right by the college I attended and I am dying to get out! I am living with a bunch of people and I have to commute 3. to 4 hours a day. So a studio DT will be a game changer. I put in my 60 days notice and I am just gonna go for it.

Jan 23rd update: I got a place ! stay tuned !!

B) Cook more meals at home

I've been eating out more than I would like to admit. Between working DT and a 4 hour commute I find it very difficult to prepare meals in advance for lunch and get home so late that making dinner is the last thing I want to do is cook something. I would like to focus on home cooked goods, and maybe some healthier food as well !

To inspire myself I got a super cute bento box! I want to start a challenge where I make my work lunches every day for a month in the bento box - just to see how much variety I

can get . Bento Box February anyone ??

C) Start my side hustle and document it

I am a trained product designer and I feel like my mind is always wandering to different business or product ideas. It's something I enjoy and I wouldn't mind starting something on the side to have for myself - for fun ! I want a passion project

D) Make art & DIY projects

It's been so long since I have completed a creative project purely for the sake of just making something - as a designer I am constantly working on creative endeavours. I want to bring it back home and work on other projects for myself

E) Work on authenticity

I have never has a problem with social media - I feel like I can spot an authentic person pretty easily. My challenge here is being authentic myself. Having a blog is something I have just to vent and put out creative content. But I want to make sure I also am creating things that have value --- and are worth putting my time into, and in turn are authentic... sometimes I feel like my blog only has value to myself and I want to work on that.

F) Travel to 2 new places

Now that I am done school I have a little more time, and opportunity! My goal for 2020 is to see 2 new places that I have never seen

These are my 2020 goals !!

3) I'm moving ! February 1st 2020 I am officially moving to Toronto ! I am cutting down my commute from 2 hours to 20 mins ! Talk about a game changer !!

Currently I am going half crazy with decluttering, and trying to get things in order before I move --- I am 100 % going to create a blog post about this.

4) I ended up on a top 100 list as a rising star in my industry !

I was super surprised this week by finding out I was nominated by someone at my work as a rising star in my industry! ... I've only been graduated since May 2019 but I've had opportunity to intern at 2 great toy companies - Spin Master in 2018 and Sago Mini/Toca Boca in 2019 ! I only just landed my first time full time permanent gig November 2019 ... so less than 3 months. Ending up on this list was a great surprise!

You can download the article here (I am on the second last page) :

That's my crazy December and January recap! Stay posted for the next blog tomorrow !!

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