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March 3rd 2020 - Recap

It's been a while !

I've been thinking lately about what I want to post to my blog and I am thinking that I want to begin posting tips, DIY's, vintage/thrift finds and sharing stuff I know best. You will probably be seeing posts that relate a little more to this! Also, I think if I am doing DIY's and recipes, I may include some video content to help make the steps more clear, which is something I don't have any experience in.

I've just made a big move to downtown Toronto as well, so I've been crazy busy trying to get my condo in order. I haven't even set up wifi at this point, I'm curious if I even need it at this point, which feels crazy to say. The only thing I'm truly missing is the use of my chrome cast which I need wifi to use and stream to my TV. I will probably break down and get it at some point.

That being said I do miss writing my blog posts. It's become a hobby I truly enjoy. I think it helps me get stuff done and organize my thought and wants, but mostly is just a creative outlet for myself.

Here are some things I want to share this spring

-Condo Tour

- Thrift Hauls for my apartment

- Video Recipe: How to make Easy Ricotta Gnocchi

- Toronto Markets Exploration, must sees

- Video DIY: how to doodle calligraphy wreaths

- Spring Printables !

Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Ps. Here is a sneak peak of my new apartment !

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