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My Trip to Hawaii and Goals I set while on vacation

Hey friends, it's been a while but it's good to be back. I recently took a 16 day trip to Vancouver and Hawaii and it was BEYOND incredible. I feel like Hawaii is really one of those places that lives up to the hype and is definitely a destination to put on your bucket list. This trip was purely take to relax and hang out with my family (it was also my dad's 60th !!). Those of you that know me may know that I have previously been to Hawaii before, I went back in 2012 on a school trip (7 years ago!) after my science teacher and green (eco) club leader offered me a free spot on the trip since I had been helping with the club. I was shocked that I was given an opportunity like that and to this day it still means a lot to me today.

Needless to say even though I had already been to Hawaii it was still just as amazing as I found it 7 years ago. I got sunburnt to death and loved every minute of it, spent countless hours in the water just chatting with my sisters who live something crazy like 3,000 miles away and only get to see a few times a year :( as well as my parents who I've been missing a lot too ♡

It's been a while since I have taken a vacation without worrying about school, projects, and other fun things like finding an internship. It felt weird to not be worried at all, I had a job to go back to, I'm graduated and that really allowed me to enjoy this vacation to the fullest, I left all my other micro worries at the door so I could really get the most out of this vacation.

Instead of worrying about things I used this time to dream up some new goals for myself which include big goals like:

choosing what company I wanted to work for as before I left I had a few different opportunities come my way

start investing my money

find a gym to go to

developing this blog more and finding a profitable side hustle

as well as some more personal/internal goals which are just for myself. It was nice to use this time to have a clear head and to think about what I wanted my future to look like. Even if you can't hop on a plane and take a trip to Hawaii its important to take some quiet time to think about things and so we don't burn ourselves out.

also if you want to follow me on instagram check out my hawaii photo's @yourfuturelooksbright

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