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Perfect 3 Ingredient Holiday Punch

When it comes to the holidays there are so many food options but a good crowd pleasing drink seems to always be a last minute decision! Here’s a quick and delicious punch recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone and can be made virgin or spiked

Classic Robbins family style:

1 L berry juice or cranberry juice

2 L ginger ale, sprite or 7-up

1 tub of fruit flavoured sherbet (we love rainbow sherbet in this household)

mix it just a little bit, I suggest putting in the sherbet first and pouring the soda on top so it gets super fluffy.

don’t mix the sherbet too much, guests can make a float with the chunks of sherbet!

for a spiked version switch the ginger ale out for bubbly wine ! or spike it with some fruity liquor afterward so everyone can be served from the same bowl !

Did you try out this punch? Let me know what you think ! The Classic version is a must have in our household.


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