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Pt. 2 Girls Trip to Montreal and an iconic pit stop!

If you read the first part in this blog post series you know how much was jam packed into our first Day in Montreal! After all we only went for a weekend.

If you didn’t meet went to Old Montreal, where we shopped and indulged in a huge pot of cheese fondu, went to an adult playground and then relaxed at the pool/sauna

The second day we opted for a more chill experience since we had to leave by 3 or 4.

We started the day a bit late but we all decided that we should go look for a cool plant store. After looking online we found a flower shop called Dragon Flowers, but by the time we got there we were all starving and needed to find a place to eat. Conveniently we found an amazing breakfast/brunch spot by pure luck called fabergé ! And let me tell you, this place is busy for a reason! The food is exactly what you dream of when you want brunch or you had a late night the night before. We sat at the breakfast bar where they were playing morning cartoon which really added to the overall vibe. We ordered Eggs Benny Florentine, Chicken and Waffles (to die for), and their famous breakfast poutine that is topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce (a must order especially if you’ve had a late night). This is a great spot with lots of space and great eats with a huge selection that everyone will enjoy. If you want to visit they are located at 25 Avenue Fairmount O, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2L9

After A crazy filling breakfast we got Back on track and finally arrived at Dragon Flowers just a few blocks away at 159 Rue Bernard O, Montreal, Quebec. Not only did we find the house plants we came looking for but we also found this gem of a flower shop. The shop keeper helped us all find good house plants, advised us on how to take care of them. After we purchased our plants she did something that really surprised my friends and I, she gave us each a bouquet! We had seen here putting them together as we shopped but we had no clue she was going to gift us with them, and it truly surprised all of us and really made us all smile. It’s not often that stuff like this happens!

it’s obvious that she puts a lot of love into her shop and I can’t recommend Dragon Flowers enough!!

Sadly, by this time we had to get on the road road But before we left I was dying to check out this giant orange ball that I’ve seen and passed a number of times called Gibean Orange Julep. Talking to my friend she explained it was somewhat of a Montreal icon, that serves up these creamy orange drinks, and other indulgent foods like pretzels stuffed with liquid cheese, poutine and more.

I LOVED the taste of this drink! it wasn‘t at all what I was expecting, they serve you this creamy drink which pours out of a tube coming from the ceiling! but if you are road tripping to Montreal this is such a fun place to pop in and see and get a drink for the ride home. the orange dome and creamy sun-kissed Orange flavour is something you’ll be remembering for a long time!

Montreal is a must visit weekend destination for any time or year !

Have you been to Montreal? Where should I go next ?

Thanks for reading !

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