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Spur of the moment day trip to Collingwood, Ontario part 1/2

Last night my boyfriend and I decided we should go to Collingwood. When I say spur of the moment I mean it but we’ve also been wanting to do this to SO LONG! I’m semi new to Ontario so I still haven’t been. If you are a local you know Collingwood is home too blue mountains but if you aren’t it’s basicaly a cute little ski village. As a BC native this is nothing like whistler but it’s still a super fun destination!

where I live in Toronto it is about a 2 hour drive ! Not that bad and on the way we were able to stop in at this cute little antique store

It was super fun to look around in but overall the store was superrrrr over priced and it was under curated which is usually fine if the prices are low.If anything I’m a sucker for a great deal ! Regardless we still probably spent an hour looking around and then we were back on the road !

It took us a little longer to get to Blue Mountain than we expected but we decided to make the most of it ! I can’t wait to tell you all about It tomorrow!! Tonight was a super late night !

thanks for reading !

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