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Spur of the moment trip to Collingwood (aka. blue mountain), Ontario Part 2/2

Part 2/2 !!! If you haven't read the first post ot this blog I recommend starting there. When we got to Blue Mountain Village the sun was already setting so we were quick to look around the village so we got to experience it in both the light and the dark.

Lucky for us some of the best activities in the village started at dusk! That's when the christmas light light up as well as a huge christmas tree with hundreds of lights that can make different pictures and patterns - It was really pretty.

When we got too cold we went inside a cute cafe called the Royal Majesty Espresso bar which was really nice and as soon as I saw a s'mores latte on the menu I ordered it. It was really delicious and I was blown away by the presentation. I wasn't expecting something so decadent!

After that we heard about the light show that they have set up all the way around the little pond/lake that they have in the Village. It was super pretty and not too busy at all. We got some pretty cute photos here.

When we finally chose a place for dinner we still had to wait a good hour to get a seat. If you plan on going you should most definitely book a reservation, especially if you are just doing a day trip. There are lots of option in the Village but when Vince and I were about to settle on a place we quickly checked the reviews which were really bad despite being quite expensive. I used my four square app (my go to foodie app) to check to see what had the best ratings and the North Winds Brewery popped up and all I can say is that if you are in Blue Mountain I can't recommend this place enough. The service was fantastic and the food was incredible. We asked the server if she had any favourite items and she said their pretzels were really good and all their mains. The pretzel recommendation did not disappoint it came out piping hot in a cute little jar ( I thought it would make the bread soggy but they were only in there for a second and when the server opened the lid steam came pouring out and they were Amazinggggg, I'm still dreaming of that cheese sauce. We also got the Korean cauliflower bites ( 2 things I'm crazy about) and then I shared the full ribs plate with Vince which was mind blowing to say the least. If you don't believe me check out this picture or try it for yourself!

I've paid more for ribs than this that have been super low quality. In addition to the great food they also have a fantastic range of beers that they make in house and $10 flights of 4 beers that they make OR you can be super extra and a skate flight of beer which is $40 but it comes on a longboard and you get 14 varieties. If you go in a group this would be such a fun experience!

To top it all off, at the end of the night we got to see a few fireworks before we headed home. Blue Mountain is such a cute little place to visit. It doesn't compare to whistler or switzerland by any means but if you want a fun local place to go this is it!

Thanks for reading !!! see you tomorrow !

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