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Taking a “ME-ekend”

Taking time out to just relax is easier said than done, and even more so with the holidays coming in fast ! It‘s important to set aside time To relax and rejuvenate so you can function at your best.

here are some ideas to have a relaxing Me-ekend :

1) start your me-ekend with a clean space. sometimes a mess could be what is holding you back from relaxing. Make your bed and clear off your counters - now you can really enjoy your weekend !

2) light a candle

go out of your way to make your space feel relaxing, light 1 or 3, up to you

4) Find A book or movie to watch that you are excited about

find yourself something you can really lose yourself in and that will help you relax

5) take an Epson salt bath

for just a few dollars you can treat yourself to a really nice Epson salt bath. I never knew how good it felt until I was introduced to a eucalyptus Epson salt, but it turns all varieties are awesome. The key is to go a little over board with the salt !

6) take some time to think about goal, dreams, and wants

sometimes the best thing you need is time to take in and process what you want from life. In my opinion quiet time is optimal for this and you can really listen for clarity

7) get take out or make something known fuss

have a relaxed night in with someone you love, a gf, bf or even a best friend or sibling, get some of your favourite food an just hang out with no big plans.

8) listen to motivating podcasts

what do you want to get out of this me-ekend?

Are you stressed by work or finances ?

Do you want to just relax - listen to something that will help motivate you to be your best or to get out of a slump or just listen to a guided meditation or chill playlist to relax further

having a Me-ekend doesn’t mean you have to get a $1000 spa treatment or do nothing at all. It’s more about being mindful about being relaxed, and creating an atmosphere where you feel like you can

thanks for reading and let me know if you take a me-ekend!

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