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The Importance of Setting Goals & My Bucket List!

Thanks for checking out my very first blog post ! I am excited to share with you little bits and pieces of my life. If you want to know a little bit more about who I am, check my "About Me" Page.

Today I am Sharing with you the start of my Bucket List. I think that in life it is easier to plan to achieve things by writing down your goals and to share them with at least one person that can relate or understand that goal. For me this could be my best friend, my mom or my significant other. So that's what I am doing today, and as a bonus you can download my bucket list template in the printables section of my blog.

Completed Bucket List items will appear as a hyperlink to a post about the experience !

Here are my first 30 Bucket List Items:

1. Fly in a Helicopter !

2. Go to Hot Springs in Japan

3. Visit one of my penpals ! (one of my penpals visited me ! I have 33)

4. Sell or showcase my artwork/design

5. Have one of my product designs manufactured and produced ( I am a product designer !)

6. Roadtrip & Eat seafood in PEI, Canada

7. See the skyline of New York City 

8.  Go to Juknokwon Forrest in Korea and JeJu island

9. Check out Art Galleries in Colombia and eat Arepas 

10. Get a Degree !!!

11. Learn how to ski !

12. Go in Elon Musk's Boring tunnel in LA

13. Visit an artist district in Taiwan

14. Try street food in Thailand

15. Say thank you to people who have helped me in life

16. Buy a House/Condo ! (goodbye rent $)

17. Go to Culinary School

18. Tandem ___ something ... with my best friend (get scared)

19. Cook a fancy dinner in Milan 

20. See a broadway musical 

21. Go to New Orleans and try a Beignet

22. Get a portrait drawn by a street artist with someone special

23. Pay off my student loans (help!)

24. Go to a fortune teller or have my palm read 

25. Drink Absinthe (:O)

26. Try truffles shaved fresh !

27. Start my own art collection/wall of peoples original art

28. Sleep in a hostel 

29. Take Polaroid photos of strangers at tourist destinations and give it to them as a keepsake 

30. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant 

What are your top ten bucket list items ? Let me know in the comments !
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