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Things I’m crossing off my bucket list from my very first post

This year I am knocking off 3 little things off my bucket list:

Get a degree

Get a portrait drawn by a street artist and it’s someone special

Start my own art collection/wall of people’s original art

This lovely piece of art was created by Deniz Ural or @wooden.curves on Instagram. I met this lovely human at the ACIDO rocket show and I couldn’t resist picking up one of her beautiful pieces That I will soon be adding to my wall.

Try fresh oysters by the ocean

I chose this because I really though it would be hard for me to eat, I’ve never eaten an oyster and they look pretty disgusting but it turns out I actually really like oysters when they are in season!!

what’s on your bucket list ? have you seen my bucket list printable in the downloads section? check it out !!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day !

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