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Thinking about my goals for 2020

I can’t believe there is just a little over a month left to 2019, and the decade. There is something about starting a new decade that feels extra good. I think most people group life moments by places and times and I can’t help but wonder what the next 10 years has in store for me.

1990’s - early Childhood

2000’s - elememtary and Middle school

2010’s - high school Graduation, university, college ... graduating from college, getting a full time job...

and now 2020...

I am looking forward to it.

I know it might seem early but I’m already thinking of how to start of the new year on a good foot And for me that means making a list of goals so I can think and focus about where I want to go moving forward.


I have been waiting for this for a longgggg time, if you know me you‘ve probably heard how much I want to move. I travel 1.5-2 hours to work each day (3-4 hours of travel) and I’m over it. I also live in the house I stayed at for college. It’s not a great area and I share the house with a bunch of other students. 2020 is the year of moving out of this place!

2) Focus on making time for people in my life

For the most part I seem like an introverted person but in reality in just a shyer than norma extrovert. I thrive off socialization and I work best when I work with others. In 2020 I want to make sure I put time into my friends and my family - because that’s important to me/

3) Blog every day

If you read my last blog post you already know that I struggle with being disciplined. To me blogging is something I LOVE, it’s purely just a form of self expression for me, and a bit of a creative outlet. To me this is more about just doing it and sticking to my word. I read a quote that says : do it until it isn’t hard anymore. If I integrate it in a way that makes it a habit it isn’t as hard. My friend Keisha is the perfect example of this, but with cleaning, she’s always cleans even if there isn’t a mess because it’s habit; that means cleaning all the dishes as soon as there is a mess, even during cooking. But that also means you get to just enjoy your dinner and not worry about it after.

4) Plan a vacay!

I have yet to go on a vacation with my significant other but in December he is coming with me to Vancouver to meet my family, but I think we are both dying to go somewhere new and break the norm. We BOTH just finished school and have been grinding to get our dream job. A vacation seems well needed at this point, even if it’s just a Beach getaway. We’ve already picked up the travel books

5) Take my health seriously

I’ve got health benefits - now use them. Go to the dentist and doctor, work out, cook meals instead of going out. It’s a common new years goal but it’s important to add to the list

Do you have any New Years goals ? Write them below, maybe it will inspire me too.

I’m feeling good about 2020 already !

Also this is day 4 of blogging everyday in a row! lets see if I can get to 365 !

I hope you know how amazing you are, and have a great Thursday

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