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Thoughts about Living in Toronto ❄️ And going Home to Vancouver for the Holidays

Living in Toronto has truly been a blessing in my life, despite the fact that It’s cold for a good chunk of the year, that the city is kinda gross (it’s growing on me though) and that I’m far from my family (I could do without being so far ... not gonna lie).

What has made my time here worth it is that it has allowed me to pursue a career/passion that I have for making things (product design), it’s allowed me to grow up and be more responsible, and meet some people in who have truly changed me for the better. I have to remind myself of that on days where it is below -10 degrees! It also has taught me how much my parents have done for me and how well they treat us, life is hard and expensive and they’ve helped me more that I really comprehended before I moved out. I’ve met people who were kicked out at 18, have complex family relationships, or maybe have parents they need to take care of. It‘s easy to overlook that kind of thing when you don’t deal with the same scenario. I’ve also realized how close I’ve been with my sisters (4 of them!) while growing up. I’ve been thinking about this because in only 4 days time I’m going back for a christmas time visit. Thankfully the best thing about my job is that I will be able to afford to come see my family and that I get enough vacation time to do so.

Here is what I’m looking forward to most about going home to Vancouver :

1)Family and friends

people make a place special in my opinion

2) milder climate

We have a bad rep for our rain, but at least your eyelashes don’t freeze together! You just have to dress for the elements! one thing that people don’t realize about lower mainland BC is that by the end of February we have flowers and usually full on spring, but in Toronto we still have 2 full months of “winter” - snow in april is NOT acceptable !

3) The ocean

I lived pretty close to the ocean 🌊 about 20 mins (depending how fast you drive) and even had a few little summer gigs working right on the water. I miss being able to pop down to the beach just for fun.

4) Cheap and interesting sushi

Toronto has a great Variety of restaurant but you pay stupid amounts for good quality sushi. In BC I can get good quality sushi for the same price as gas station quality sushi in Toronto (If you know a good place, pleasssseeeee let me know in the comments). I also find that in BC they have much more interesting choices. Also, shout out to all the other amazing Asian cusines that BC has to offer.

5) the mountains

... they are so pretty, I miss that.

6) west coast personalities/lifestyle

I feel like people are much more easy going in BC and everyone like doing fun things outdoors .. it’s nice

There are many other things but I definitely miss these the most.

The things I love best about Toronto

1) Friends and loved ones

4.5 years is enough time to make some really deep connections. I’ve got some amazing people here too

2) Multicultural city

Toronto truly is a multicultural hub, I’ve met people from all over and it makes the city feel amazing and welcoming

3) A MILLION restaurants

Toronto has so many places to try. As a foodie this blows me away. I’ve been to a ton of different places and I actually feel bad when I don’t go to a new one. The downtown prices also seem to be a little less than Vancouver because of all the Variety.

4) Culture/Events

Toronto always has something fun going on. Nuite Blanch, the CNE (way better than the PNE), maker fairs, street parties, you name it, we got it.

5) a broader transit system

despite the delays and crowds Toronto has a subway system that really reaches out far, you can live in the outskirts and still have access to a train Whether it’s the TTC or Go, you can really get downtown from anywhere.

6) lots of jobs

for my industry, Toronto really is a great design hub.

I‘ve been lucky to live in both !

what’s the best thing about your city ? comment below ! 🌲⛰

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