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It doesn’t happen overnight, good things take time

It doesn’t happen over night...

I‘m using this as a writing prompt this morning because it’s so accurate and grounding.

Now that school is done I feel like I have SO many things that I want to achieve. I want to move out of my shared accommodation, I want to pay my student loans off (just had my first payment and ouch !), and I’m also curious about pursuing a small business or side hustle...and I’m thinking about saving to buy a house in the farrrr future. There is a lot going on in life and sometimes stuff like this seems like it will never happens. Even this blog is something I have to be patient with, I want to create great content and conversation pieces, but it’s a slow process of learning what people might be interested in mixed while still being able to express myself. Lets just say that right now my reader count is barely double didgets on most posts, which seems a little disheartening if I didn’t love blogging so much. Something that keeps me motivated though is that over and over again I see people who I look up to say that the key is perseverance. If you push through bit by bit you can make it to the finish line... but typically the best things in life don’t happen overnight and that’s something I need to constantly remind myself. You can make a million plans but it takes time and effort to accomplish them. Perseverance and dedication is something I’m learning and I am excited to see where is takes me! I hope that you too can keep pushing forward with your dreams and just remember good things take time.

thanks for reading and see you tomorrow !

what goals are you plugging away at ? I’d love to hear in the comments below ❤️

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